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Free shipping to Canada and US for order $100+
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Summer 2021 updates

We just finished up our summer 2021 newsletter that highlights our current sale. It's been a physically and mentally chaotic summer as it crept up and now it's nearly over...! Who is with me?!?

We spent it [mostly] keeping up with work demands while juggling summer travel schedules. That being said, we are closed for our last travel stint August 30th-September 3rd, 2021. Orders can be received, but will not be processed and shipped during this time. 


I am practicing being thankfulfrom the very very little in life to the very big. It's hard to describe, but there is nothing like amazing artistic energy amongst like-minded creatives to get the motivational juices flowing. I thrive on these moments. Peek here for a quick video with some BTS of our summer shoot (including the exuberance of our "puppy" over dog-loving Dane!). 

I am so fortunate to work with some incredibly talented people like Jamie Edgar photography (who lives nearby) and other models and creatives (Dane Halo and River Rusalka in this shoot) who believe in our brand. When they come together, they make the rest easy and breathe life into our visions and for that I am forever grateful. We hope you find them just as inspiring! There is more to come this fall!!!

Going green-er

In the spring we secured some compostable packaging for our products. We have heightened concerns about the overuse of plastics (especially those that don't biodegrade). Our search continues for better options in all aspects of what we do, but we are happy to take this small step while keeping our pricing accessible and products safe and protected during shipping. 

Fun [Manufacturing] facts! 

✓ I can tell who has sewn which garment depending on the stitches (machine and techniques are distinct!) // Three part-time people manufacture our products from their homes including me when needed (or when I need it!). This is why we experienced limited-to-no set backs during the pandemic as we all work off-site in our homes. Together we represent approximately 1.5 full-time people energy to production (yes, we are that small, but we are also that efficient!).

✓ We have limited waste of materials because we make most of our products on demand // Because we're so small, we are able to be flexible and adaptable to our all of our clients and their order demands which means limited waste of materials, time and resources. 

✓ Our products are designed and made in Canada // Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta to be exact! 

Thank you for your support!!

Until next time...
Sandy, Founder & Owner of ONYX Bodywear

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